Leading the way to virtually lead-free brass!

The measuring tubes of the Nano Brass are now made from EcoBrass with a significantly lower lead content. 




Technical information


Material Alloy designation Lead content
Old brass CW510L <0.2%
New brass EcoBrass CW724R <0.09%

Advantages of the new brass?

  • Health: 50% less Lead (Lead is toxic and is considered a probable carcinogen).

  • Standards/Regulations: Worldwide compliance (including for RoHS without exemption, in Japan and for beverage and drinking water contact).

  • Mechanical: High strength combined with high elongation at break.

  • Corrosion: Reduced dezincification and stress cracking.

  • Sustainability: Good recyclability and less lead mined and eventually released into the environment.

  • Availability & Reliability: Good supply reliability and consistent quality.

  • Price: No price increase for the Nano Brass.


If you have any questions or are interested to find out more about the new Nano Brass, don't hesitate to contact sales@digmesa.com.